Bamboo vs Hardwood Flooring

benefits bamboo flooring vs hardwood flooring

Bamboo vs hardwood flooring, maybe that what comes into people’s mind when they are entering the flooring store. Wood has been proven as one flooring material which gains much popularity due to many things, but since the bamboo enters the market, it is so hard to decide one of them.

Which is the best between bamboo vs hardwood flooring?

Actually, bamboo and wood flooring are on the same level. Both of them are very durable if they are made into a flooring material. Then, the question will be “ which is the stronger one?”. If we buy hardwood flooring, we are not only getting the durability, but also the best look of nature plus the natural fragrance (for some wood types), but don’t forget that some wood types need more maintenance in the future. Wood grows longer than bamboo, so it is very sensitive if it is about environmental issue.

In other hands, bamboo is considered as environment friendly because bamboo can grow faster than a wood, so if it is cut for being a flooring material, it can grow again several months later.

Since it can grow faster, customers will not be charged extra payment for its maintenance and the price can be cheaper. For the durability, there are some bamboo types that are as strong as wood as well.

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