Best of Both Worlds – Italian Kitchen

Best of Both Worlds – Italian kitchen:

Italian kitchen is where the old world charm meets the modern day comfort. It is a very popular form of kitchen design since generations. The scheme of kitchen decoration brings together modern elegance with a powerful classical poise and grace. A kitchen designed in Italian style means a warm place to sit and dine, share meals as well as stories, thus, forming a family tradition. The color scheme of an Italian kitchen comprises of greens, oranges, bright reds and yellows, used both in the colour scheme and the design details and accessories used.

The design offers vast storage space, and involves using each bit of space wisely, practically yet innovatively, which can also mean pots and pans hanging out from the railing and the ceiling. The Italian kitchen style exudes a warm, cosy, homely feel to it. This style although looks expensive but is in fact very affordable and inexpensive, as it requires use of only natural materials such as granite or slate stone, terracotta in warm and earthy tones such as bright gold’s and rich greens.

Mostly Italian style requires rustic, muted, metallic finishing such as: painted ceramic or wooden bowls and herbs greenery on pots etc. What is most important here is your own signature family style and taste rather than focus being on aesthetics; it should be classy yet functional.

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