Cedar Paneling for Closets

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Cedar paneling would certainly be a great addition to your closet. It is not only because panels could make the structure of your closet stronger but also because you could make use of cedar scent to keep the air inside the closet fresher. But of course you need to pick aromatic cedar for it because only certain types of cedar have stronger scent.

The Reason Why Using Cedar Paneling

You are probably wondering why people have to be bothered to install cedar panels instead of using cedar blocks that are certainly more easy to use. First of all, the usefulness of such things are actually quite limited especially if you put them in closets. Maybe they would be more effective to be used for trunks instead as those storages are much smaller than closets. Also, the scent of cedar blocks fades quickly.

What You Need to Install the Panels

Things you would require to install the paneling for your closets are such as an electric stud finder, a level, a hammer, finishing nails (two inch), a tape measure, a pencil, wood putty, small scraps, pliable latex, pry bar, a small putty knife, construction adhesive, and of course tongue and groove cedar planks.

Gallery of Cedar Paneling for Closets

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