Checkerboard Flooring Ideas

bathroom checkerboard design

Checkerboard flooring should be a thing that would make every home looks more unique and certainly edgier. That is because this flooring style is still considered very over-the-top. But don’t you worry because that is exactly what you need for a special but still homey sanctuary. So, what you are waiting for, check out these stylish flooring designs.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone with Checkerboard Flooring

Most basic flooring design for checkerboard style is the black and white one. If you want to go over-the-top, you could cover every part of your home with this edgy flooring style. But if you are not sure, you probably need to pick certain area only. The threshold area of your home could be the best option especially if you decide to choose a complete different flooring style for your living room. That way the contrast would make checkerboard style stand out even more.

Other Checkerboard Styles for Flooring

Diamond vintage orange white checkerboard would definitely be a great choice especially if you décor that certain area with vintage style. That could make it softer yet still edgy as well. Want to go for something much softer? White and creamy color could be the option.

Gallery of Checkerboard Flooring Ideas

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