Contemporary Kitchen Curtain Ideas

Contemporary Kitchen Curtain Ideas:

Kitchen curtain ideas must be devised after examining your kitchen type and window style. Contemporary kitchen curtains have evolved from being mere drapery options to a definite style statement. In this article we will inform you about the latest kitchen curtain ideas that will retransform your kitchen.

For modern kitchens only contemporary style curtains will be appropriate. Contemporary curtains are light weight and created from sheer fabrics hung through steel or chrome rods. The focus is on maintaining maximum airflow throughout the day and availability of ample day light. The curtain may be full or half in length depending upon your convenience and preference.

For French country theme, kitchen curtain ideas should incorporate fun and cheerfulness. You can go for printed fabrics displaying fruits, vegetables, flowers, or gingham and stripes, etc.

Café curtains are suitable for rustic kitchenette themes. These are usually bright colored curtains with neutral prints crafted from linen or cotton. In café curtains the upper half of the window is deliberately left uncovered so that light and air passage could be maintained.

Lately, blinds and roller shades have also become effective options for draping kitchen windows especially European kitchens but these tend to be costlier than curtains. You can however customize your roller shades with your favorite image, which will look amazing with all kinds of color schemes and décor.

Gallery of Contemporary Kitchen Curtain Ideas

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