DIY Distressed Wood Flooring

distressed wood flooring vs smooth

People want to have something unique or antique in their house such as distressed wood flooring. This kind of flooring can be considered as unique since it has stain pattern which makes it look unique. However, sometimes when you want something unique or antique, you need to spend a lot of money for it. Well, actually you can get this kind of flooring without afraid of spending so much money since you can do it by yourself.

Making Distressed Wood Flooring

First of all, you just need to install plain hardwood which is cost less than the distressed one. After that, you just need to put a stain on it. Make sure that you choose the stain which has similar color to the wood. When you have already dried the stain, you can use sandpaper to duplicate the stain to the other area. You should do it carefully in order to make it look natural.

After that, you can also apply dents and scratches so your wood flooring will be more natural than before. For the last touch, apply furniture paste to make it more durable. After you do all of the steps, you would not need to spend a lot of money to buy unique furniture since you can make it by yourself.

Gallery of DIY Distressed Wood Flooring

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