Fireplace Facelift Designs

fireplace facelift ideas

One of home décor idea is fireplace facelift which come with varieties of designs. It has two functions, to heat the room especially when the winter comes and the art which will add the value toward the house itself. The varieties of design actually developed on purpose of slacking the monotonous and stiffness of room nuance.

Fireplace Facelift Ideas

There are many items to decorate the fireplace so that it can be the center of attention especially when the fireplace is located in the living room where the guests or visitor will spend the time. Proper furniture and accessories is the key to facelift the fireplace. It actually does not need something new or expensive since we can use the properties from our surrounding.

Using what you have to add something different for your fireplace can be started by using the old book collection or your old music collection. Adding the bookshelf with classic style and arrange the book inside will give the fireplace a center of attention with sophisticated impression. Using the music collection can be done by adding a stacker to arrange the music disc and add a music player so that you can enjoy the chilly night with warmth from the fireplace accompanied by your favorite music. It will be very romantic. In addition, by finding proper items you can use your own ideas because inspiration can some from anything, anytime and anywhere.

Gallery of Fireplace Facelift Designs

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