Flip Flop Decorations Ideas

flip flop decorations for the home

Flip flop decorations become popular today because flip flop is a small stuff but with proper embellishment, it can be one of cool fashion items. It is easier to embellish something trivial like flip flop to be more awesome stuff and people will not know that the awesome thing come from something plain. In decorating flip flop, we don’t need to add something expensive but can be taken from our surrounding and using our creativity.

Flip Flop Decorations to be Summer Fashion Items

Spending the warm weather on summer, we need apparels which is as comfort as possible so we can enjoy the time better. One of summer items which cannot be left is footwear. Many people regard that flip flop is the best footwear since the price is affordable and it is very comfort to wear.  We can make over a simple and plain flip flop become stylish and fashionable and may be one of summer fashion items that can be wanted using cheap and economical stuff taken from our surrounding.

Simply, take the colorful and unique shapes of beads, string or thread, needle and super glue you can just stick and hand sew them to your plain flip flop and see how it transform to expensive-look of flip flop. Besides beads, you can also use ribbon or bow, decorative chain and laces to embellish your flip flop. Use your creativity to make your plain stuff become more valuable and beautiful.

Gallery of Flip Flop Decorations Ideas

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