Graduation Hat Decoration Ideas

graduation cap decoration ideas for guys

Graduation hat decoration ideas can vary based on the creativity. The desire to show the happiness of graduation will be performed by embellishing the graduation hat as unique as possible. By painting, sticking, applying and doing any other methods they want to show the special moment in their life. Décor on graduation hat can be added by writing, symbol, ornaments even toys.

Unique Graduation Hat Decoration Ideas

There is an idea to embellish the graduation hat, which is by picking certain theme to be used in the decoration. pick a favorite movie character, favorite band symbol or favorite brand logo then you can paint, stick or make a mosaic from beads or stud on your graduation hat, it is surely will be different and unique rather than your friends. By picking certain theme or character it will ease you to choose the material and equipments that will be used in decorating the hat.

Putting and sticking toys on your graduation hat also can be considered to be unique way in expressing your happiness after graduate. For example, take a zoo theme; you can place some small animal toys and some small zoo properties to make a zoo diorama on your graduation hat. The idea is silly but surely it is creative and unique, moreover, it may never imagined by your friends.

Gallery of Graduation Hat Decoration Ideas

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