Harry Potter Room Decorations

homemade harry potter room decorations

Harry potter room décor is a unique idea for bedroom. It states a theme and clearly shows the room owner reflection. Many characters which have their own fans and they will decorate their room as their favorite character. By adding murals, wallpaper or poster of the character will give additional statement and it will give unique view for others.

Harry Potter Room Decor Ideas Suggestion

Starting with the color of the room, you may choose the color of the favorite Hogwarts house. If you want to neutral you can pick the common color so that it will be decorate easily. Be matching to your favorite character; choose the most suitable wallpaper, poster or merchandise. If you just like Harry Potter generally, it will be easier since you can use your own collectible items.  The décor can be completed by picking the bedroom properties such as fitted sheet or bed cover with Harry Potter theme and adding the furniture which can support the Harry Potter nuance in your room.

Arranging the room as the place to keep your collectible items about Harry Potter also a good idea since your room has two functions. In choosing this way, you can explore you own ides bout placing and locating the items as your imagination and it can be an original idea. Another suggestion you may consider is by decorating your room as one of the room which appears in Harry Potter movies.

Gallery of Harry Potter Room Decorations

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