Three Inspiring Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

Three Inspiring Modern Kitchen Design Ideas:

Modern kitchen design combines together contemporary ideas of working and dinning simultaneously. In this type of kitchen incorporation of dining and entertaining areas along with cooking space is a must. Therefore we are presenting you three very innovative modern kitchen design ideas that are worth investing.

1. Go for red stainless steel cabinetry, black tiled flooring and white walls. This combo will look amazing if your kitchen is narrower in width and broader in length. You need to create additional seating area with a giant sized window or terrace to let in fresh air and innovation. Red is a statement color but must be used in limited quantity with neutral shade of white to balance the impact.

2. If your kitchen is square shaped and spacious then you can divide the cooking and seating area with free standing cabinets. Usually in larger rooms you don’t need to mix too many statement shades therefore we suggest using dark brown with cream. Use wood with metal for cabinetry and black or mahogany sofas for seating.

3. If wood is your priority for cabinetry then use it all over. Install hardwood flooring, cream colored walls, wooden beams in the ceiling and granite countertop. To add modernity you need to place leather sofas in black and travertine glass table in dark shade.

These modern kitchen design ideas are suitable for all households because these include all the main statement shades that you may want to experiment with. You can also add an LED Tv in your kitchen to further enhance the entertaining quotient. These will make your kitchen stand out and reflect a personalized aura.

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