Uncommon Ideas for Kitchen Island Designs

Uncommon Ideas for Kitchen Island Designs:

Kitchen island designs can be versatile and it is not necessary that you opt for the common ones. It is no more compulsory that kitchen island will be a rectangular bench fixed sideways to the wall. The purpose of Kitchen Island can be much more than merely a place for cutting vegetables.

The idea should be to widen the workspace so that you are not confined to one platform for performing your tasks in the kitchen. Therefore if you want to incorporate unusual kitchen island designs then you need to experiment with its size and placement. You can expand it and place in the middle. This technique not only enlarges your workspace but also allows you to use the island from all four sides instead of just sticking to the front.

Secondly, you can utilize the space under the island very intelligently instead of filling it with cabinets and drawers. You can use each side of the island and fix different kind of racks and shelves under it for displaying magazines, wine glasses and other such items. This will also let you access frequently used stuff a lot more easily.

Third most uncommon of all kitchen island designs is to make them portable like a trolley. This mechanism comes in handy always regardless of the size of your kitchen. In fact in smaller kitchens wheeled islands can enhance the convenience factor. This way you will never feel restricted and will be able to use the island effectively.

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